Swarming Warming and Tremors of Doom

Don’t have enough to worry about?  Read this.  Or this.  Whatever happens, it’s gonna be bad.  Maybe as bad as we imagine;  probably, given the human capacity to think in extremes, not.  But the First Noble Truth will inevitably obtain, brothers and sisters:  Life is suffering.  It’s unsatisfactory.  Something is out of whack.  Buy a Prius if you think you should; by all means, turn down your thermostat and inflate your tires to the manufacturer’s suggested psi.  Probably do a little good.

Of course, there’s this.

And Yellowstone?  We can pour concrete all over it; eventually it’s gonna blow. When, not if.

You ain’t changin’ the basics.  Bad things will happen.  Good things?  Sometimes they’ll cancel out the bad stuff; often, if you can even do the math, they won’t. 

So, what to do. Sink into the slough of despond? Make a lot of money real fast? Join the Rosicrucians? Get a dog? Another dog?

I hope you don’t think this is the blog with the answer. That’s that other blog.


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