Thanks Anyway, I’ll Just Start at the Top

When Michael Bennet was hired as Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, he had never worked in a public school in any capacity. He had never even attended one. I believe –anybody know this for sure?– that he was privately schooling his own child at the time. Like Arne Duncan’s tenure in Chicago, Bennet’s record was one of at least superficial success. He won’t be sticking around to see how it all works out in the long haul. Thanks to Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, he’s off to the US Senate.

Prepping at St. Albans, on to Wesleyan (dad’s alma mater), Yale Law, a few years clerking and working before scoring maybe six million on the job with Phil Anschutz. A couple of years heading Mayor Hickenlooper’s staff, then a “non-traditional” pick for the superintendency. Now, a few years later, the Senate.

Question #1: Is this guy smart or lucky or both? Answer: both.
Question #2: If this has been the sort of life you’ve lived, what is it that you don’t know? Answer: You don’t know a lot of the same things that Caroline Kennedy doesn’t know. Maybe a lot of the stuff that Barack Obama doesn’t know.

How many more of these people do we need?

Oh, well, he’s gotta run in two years. We’ll see how that works out.


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