…we don’t need no steenking solitaire. We be making art.  (Yeah, I know, slow to load;  looks like there’s nothing there.  Click and drag, click and drag.  See: you’re a genius.)

Speaking of which, here’s a book recommendation: The Genius by Jesse Kellerman.  Art, murder, characters with character, strong plot, good writing.  Waddya want?

Working on stuff.  Thanks for stopping by.


2 responses to “Solitaire…

  1. Nifty, really therapeutic. Especially after reading your posting about Obama last night and following up with the postings about his home ownership. COME ON, let me ride the hope train for a while, he’s not even in office yet! I really, really believed that he could not be included in the likes of some of these corrupt politicians and now you’re telling me that he’s naughty too? I need a few more rounds on the canvas.

    • Maybe, as Jonah Goldberg observed in regard to Obama’s career in Chicago politics, our next president is the only person in the world who can pick up dog doo-doo from the clean end.

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