It’s 2009! Wake up and…

…make the coffee.  Here’s one person’s method:

… he tosses a handful of beans toward the ceiling, shoots them individually into a fine powder, leaves it hanging in the air, runs downstairs, breaks open a fire hydrant with his head, carefully directs the jet of water through the window of his apartment, sets fire to the building, then stands patiently with his mug amid the blazing ruins to collect the precious percolated drops.

That’s Anthony Lane opening his review of the movie Wanted by imagining its director, Timur Bekmambetov, in action.  Be nice to feel that energetic in the AM.

I’ve earlier expressed my opinion of the movie in question; Lane’s full take is worth reading.  In fact it’s one of Conor Friederdorf’s picks for Best Journalism of 2008 at Culture 11.  That’s a great website incidentally.  They’re labeling it “beta,” but it looks like it’s really cooking to me.

Have a great New Year’s Day, my readers (all 36 of you).  If you didn’t get to see any fireworks, this is worth a first or second look.  “We’re all in the gutter,” sayeth Oscar Wilde, “but some of us are looking at the stars.”  And he had no idea the show that God could put on, did he?


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