Blogs and the Blogging Bloggers that Blog on Them

Thanks to Dan Rather it’s all coming back. My intro to the blogosphere, circa 2004, that is. To my recollection the conversation with Mrs. Stagger went thusly:

Me: CBS is going down!
Her: CBS?
Me: Yeah, you know that thing with Bush and his reserve records.
Her: Like that he didn’t show up for meetings and stuff.
Me: Yeah, but the documentation, they’re forgeries.
Her: Forgeries? How do you know that?
Me: Little Green Footballs.
Her: (A look).
Me: It’s a place on the internet, it’s a website… it’s something.
Her: It’s something called Green Footballs and it’s on the internet and you believe it?
Me: Uh, yeah, it looks pretty convincing, the stuff they have.
Her: You believe Green Footballs more than you believe CBS.
Me: It’s Little Green Footballs.
Her: (A look). Whatever.

Something like that anyway. Insert apologies here to Powerline and, I’m sure, other sites that had a hand in Rather’s fall from grace. But for me, a dial-up naïf, there was something about a group of guys (gals too, I assume) with this nonsequitur green logo on the front of their electronic jerseys (and no names, that I could see anyway, on the back) going up against the whole CBS pantheon –Rather, of course, but also Morrow and Cronkite and Sevareid. I just loved it. It seemed so American. Especially when they won. It made me happy.

Fast forward to 2008, the New Year upon us. The ruins of the GOP smoldering like a bombed out WWII city. The Obamas getting ready to roll into 1600. Dan Rather bringing the 70 million dollar lawsuit which “threatens to deal the Bush legacy a blow.” You’d think the likes of Donna Brazile would be happy as happy could be. But nooooooo. She’s mad about bloggers. Those ignorant bloviating bloggers and all the trouble they’re causing on her planet.

Your planet?


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