Jumping Off

Not sure how I got here, boys and girls, in more ways than one.  First things first: I have no business, none, starting a blog.  I have never sent a text message, have only the dimmest idea what Facebook is, cannot –can not– even remember my own cell phone number (that’s how rarely I use the thing).  It took me fifteen freakin’ minutes to figure out how to even begin typing this first post.  Slow stagger indeed. 

That, however, is how I’ve learned everything in my life.  And that’s how I plan on getting the hang of this.  Just learned for instance… wait a sec, you don’t wanna be apprized of every faltering techno-step I attempt, however semi-interesting it may seem to me.  The depths of my internet ignorance will soon enough be apparent to all.

FAQ #1: Will there be a theme to this blog?

A: Yes, I think so.  However, I’d like to let it develop as I go along.  See how it goes, rather than make some grand initial pronouncement that I fail, utterly and abjectly, to live up to.

FAQ#2: How often will you post?

A: Not sure.  A few times a week at least.  That’s the plan. 

FAQ#3: Will you respond to comments?

A: Dunno.  Will I get any comments?

FAQ#4: Don’t you know that blogging is obsolete?

A: I heard that.  Replaced by tumbling and twittering and things-I’ve-never-heard-of-ing, right.  “Blogging is sooo 2004,” isn’t that what Wired magazine (which I never read because, among other things, the graphics hurt my eyes) said?  That’s why this is so perfect for the likes of me.   I love obsolete stuff.  Novels, they’ve been totally muerto since the 1920’s.  Read ’em all the time.  Tryin’ to write one in fact.  And just today my latest issue of no less than The Artist’s Magazine told me that plein-aire painting (that’s where the artist goes outside and actually paints real stuff) is headed for the ashcan.  Sooo 1872, don’t ya know. 

FAQ#5: You don’t know your cell number?  Really?  Are you like way old?

A: True fact: I keep my cell number in my wallet for reference.  I’m pretty old: 60.

FAQ#6: Are you gonna furnish a profile of yourself?

A: Soon as I figure out how to, yeah.


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